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The water-based classic all have been waiting for: the ONE4ALL™ spray can is the perfect equivalent for the ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker system. In combination, both paints can be applied wet on wet, which is perfect for mixed media. The ONE4ALL™ acrylic dispersion has the finest atelier quality with a durability, flexibility and UV resistance, never seen before. A revolutionary new binder generation provides a flexbile paint structure – withoout cracks or breaks. Moreover, the volatile solvent amount is substituted with 85% water. The paint is odorless and also ideal for architecture, hobby and decoration purposes. NO LIMITS! guaranteed.


  • water-based acrylic paint

  • solvent: 85% water

  • finest atelier-quality

  • matt

  • highly opaque

  • permanent

  • excellent adhesion due to latest pigment technology

  • good UV resistance with sealing (e.g. ONE4ALL™ UV-varnish)

  • quick-drying

  • low odor

  • flexible paint structure (reduced crack formation)

  • dilutable with water

  • 24 ONE4ALL™ color shades + UV-varnish gloss & matt

  • variable output

  • compatible with ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker series

  • finest atomization

  • filling quantity: 400 ml