MTN PRO 2K Two-Component Varnish


MTN PRO 2K Two-Component Varnish is high resistance varnish formulated with two components.

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MTN PRO 2K Two-Component Varnish is a  2-component polyurethane varnish with a great resistance to gasoline and other chemicals. Excellent resistance to the elements and humidity. It can be applied on most surfaces and two-coat paint systems. It is designed as a top coat to protect and enhance painted surfaces: machines, automotive parts, industry, decoration and where a high-performance varnish is required. It does not turn yellow. For professional use only. Contains isocyanates. THE USE OF MASK IS MANDATORY.


  • Easy to apply and repaint
  • Completely transparent
  • Non-yellowing
  • Excellent leveling and shine
  • Resistant to gasoline and chemicals
  • Strong resistance to weathering
  • Good capacity for evening out imperfections on surface
  • For professional use only. The catalyst contains isocyanates
  • Very easy to polish