Angelus Empty Paint Marker Set 5mm


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Angelus Empty Paint Marker Set

Create your own paint marker with these high-quality refillable marker bodies. Angelus Paint Markers come empty, ready to be filled with your colour choice of Angelus Acrylic Paint mixed with Angelus 2-Thin (1:1 ratio). These markers feature a pump action valve which allows you to control the flow of the paint.

Included in this set:

  • 2x Angelus Empty Paint Markers
  • 10x Dual-Sided Replacement Tips
  • 2x Eye Droppers

Most colours will require adjusting with 2-thin in order to flow right. The general rule is if it is thick like milk it will need thinning down.

Does not work with metallics or neons.

The replaceable tip is also dual-sided. One end features a chiselled tip, great for creating shapes and lines. While the other end features a rounded tip, perfect for small details or line work.