ANGELUS Green Glow In The Dark


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Angelus Green Glow In The Dark 29ml

With our Angelus Green Glow In The Dark 29ml leather paint, there is a wide range of iconic trainer colours to choose from.

Bring your imagination to life after dark with our Green Glow Glow In The Dark Acrylic Paint. Perfect for adding a luminous touch to any project, this paint will make your creations shine and stand out even in the dark.

Angelus Glow In The Dark Paint glows brighter than most paints on the market! Simply charge in direct light (sunlight preferred) and watch it glow in the dark!

Application recommended with airbrush. Can also be applied with a paintbrush or sponge.

Is a specific shoe no longer available from your favourite brand, or do you just want a different set of colours on a pair you already own? Then use a white trainer as a base and customise it with the Collectors Edition Angelus leather paint. Quickly and easily achieve a beautiful result, which you can also enjoy for a long time. Because Angelus leather paint is elastic, the paint layer will neither flake nor crack. Do you want to ensure the perfect adhesion of the paint to the leather? Then use our specially developed Angelus Preparer and Deglazer beforehand to easily remove grease, dirt and any old factory finisher!

Applying Angelus Green Glow In The Dark 29ml

Applying Angelus Green Glow In The Dark 29ml leather paint? If you follow the steps below, you will have the best results:

  • Before painting, make the product dust- and grease-free and remove the factory finisher (if any). For this, it is best to use our Preparer and Deglazer.
  • Apply the first layer evenly (and not too thick!). Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Apply subsequent coats thinly as well. Does the paint cover the surface sufficiently and achieve the desired result? Then wait at least 24 hours until using the painted item again.
  • You can use a finisher, ranging from matt to high gloss, for the best results.