ANGELUS Paint Brush 5 Piece Set





Angelus Set of 5 Brushes

With the Angelus set of 5 brushes, you can apply leather paint smoothly and effortlessly. The brushes in this set have been specially developed for using Angelus leather paint. This set consists of 5 different brushes, ranging from small to large. With this set, you have a suitable brush for both small and large surfaces. Each brush also has soft synthetic bristles. This has the advantage that the paint is evenly distributed over the product. As a result, you do not have to deal with unsightly paint streaks but rather, enjoy a nice even layer with good coverage.

What is included in the Angelus Set of 5 brushes?

The Angelus brush set of 5 brushes consists of an inexpensive assortment of high-quality brushes for painting leather. With the purchase of this set, you will always have a suitable brush at hand, even for the smallest details. The set contains the following brushes:

  • Flat brush #10 for large areas and applying primer.
  • Flat brush #6 for sharp edges and straight shapes.
  • Filbert brush for round shapes and edges and mixing paint.
  • Round brush #2 for small details, lines and logos.
  • Angle brush for corners, details and lines.