A dream comes true – the action classic is available in 48 rich colors! Due to pure pigments, the paint achieves an extra deep color brilliance. Moreover, the new soft valve ensures a quick, soft paint application. The highly opaque, nitro alkyd-based paint (exception: pure black) ensures a very good UV resistance and is therefore perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Moreover, as part of a continuous product development the formula was enhanced. For this reason, it was possible to adopt the opacity of the renowned “pure black” to 13 selected color shades (tagged with H.O. at can bottom).

  • nitro-alcyd-based (pure black: acrylic-based)
  • semi-gloss
  • highly-opaque
  • permanent
  • highest UV- and weather resistance
  • quick-drying
  • 48 color shades, 13 with H.O. formula
  • fast output, convenient handling
  • soft valve