MTN 94 FLUORESCENT Aerosol Spray Paint



Fluorescent spray paint composed of acrylic solvent-based resins and thermoplastic
copolymers, combined with fluorescent pigments (hypnotic) to produce very bright
finishes. Its formula consists of opaque base additives that provide greater coverage
and make it possible to work directly on dark backgrounds.

– Fast drying.
– Very bright colors.
– Easy to apply.
– Matte finish.
– Does not contain lead nor other heavy metals.
– Can be applied to many materials.
– Can be applied to damp surfaces.
– Very low UV resistance to sun.
– Can be varnished with an acrylic varnish.

Due to the characteristics of this product, we recommend its use for the following applications:
– DIY – Graffiti – Construction – Mining
– Industry – Topographical signs. – Geological studies – Sign painting
– Safety – Forestry works – Sports racing – Shows