MTN PRO Matte Fixative Lacquer


Transparent matte lacquer perfect for fixing and protecting works made on paper with various, preferably dry artistic techniques (pastel, charcoal, pencil, graphite, watercolor)
Provides surfaces with a matte finish without affecting the color. Avoids dust and moisture penetration to the surface, thus prolonging the durability of the work. We recommend applying thin coats to the surface while it is inclined 30-40 cm, allowing for an overlapping of coats that will provide greater resistance. Available in matte finish only. 400ml.


• Very fast drying.
• Colorless.
• Doesn’t yellow.
• Excellent matte finish.
• Easy application and repainting.
• Non-resistant to weathering.

· Unify finishes
· Protection of originals
· Crafts
· Fine Arts