MTN Water Based 300



Fast drying water based aerosol paint of excellent characteristics with a matt finish
of high quality and long durability.
– Low odor.
– Fast drying.
– Good adhesion.
– Excellent covering power.
– Totally lead and heavy metals free.
– Great durability on outdoor and indoor exposure, due to the great fastnessto light of the pigments.
– Easy application and repainting.
– Soluble in water during the first minutes of drying. (10’)
– Resistant to exterior and outdoor use (rain, washing, etc) once the paint has dried.
– Suitable for painting expanded polystyrene.

The product can be used on many substrates: iron, steel, plastics, wood, directlyon expanded polystyrene.
– Beaux arts – Graffiti – DIY
– Crafts – Industry – Househole
Furthermore, the pigments used have a great fastness to light, giving the finished color durability on outdoor exposure. Due to its low odor, thanks to its contents of water based resins, it becomes the ideal product for interior use in spaces with poor ventilation. A very non-harmful product but adult supervision is always recommended when being used by a child.